Home of the trench coat…

I am writing this blog from Buberry HQ in London! Can’t believe I just wrote that aaah!! I am here on a 2 week internship in the PR and Marketing department. As you may know from my previous blogs I am going into my final year of my marketing degree in September and I then hope to get into fashion marketing and social media from there! Where better to gain some experience for my future career than in the home of the iconic trench coat..BURBERRY!

I am here at a very exciting and busy time in the Burberry Headquarters, yesterday was the launch of kisses.burberry.com. Burberry and Google have partnered in creating an innovative and one of the cutest digital experiences yet. Burberry kisses is a visually immersive experience that allows you to send a digital copy of your lip imprint through the world of Google Maps.

Using your desktop Chrome browser or the web browser on your smartphone or tablet you can capture a kiss by pressing your lips to the screen or, on the desktop, by capturing the shape of your lips with a webcam. The longer you press, the bolder the imprint.

Once you’ve captured your kiss, you can fill out a postcard to send from your town or city to that of a friend, family or loved one. Send a postcard from London, to Melbourne, for example, and you’ll catch a glimpse of your letter taking leave from London’s Big Ben and watch it fly across the ocean and descend upon the Melbourne skyline.

Burberry’s Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey, describes it as giving technology “a bit of heart and soul.” It’s also a creative and genius marketing opp for the brand, after you take an impression of your lips, you’ll be able to color it using one of five Burberry lipstick shades such as ‘Union Red’ or ‘Primrose Hill’. Sending and receiving a postcard in itself is fun and engaging, but equally cool is the map of kisses you can view at the end, which shows cards being sent from city to city in real-time.

I have been right at the center of all the buzz around Burberry’s latest digital campaign and have been keeping track of all the press coverage for the PR team. The idea has been a huge hit across all continents with people sending virtual kisses to their loved ones all across the globe.Image

As I said I’m here at a very hectic time for Burberry, next week, relocating from Milan after a decade, Burberry will showcase their men’s Prorsum collection at London Collections:Men. So I will of course be blogging about the hive of activity that will be Burberry HQ and telling you all about my experiences here.

Trench kisses,

Sheana xo